We had a great time at the release concert on Sunday night.  We had a good crowd out and really enjoyed ourselves.  It was awesome to play the songs live and tell the stories of each one.  And we had an awesome time afterwards eating and hanging out.  I’m so grateful to the army of people who worked to put it all together.  I’m exhausted after a really busy week, but I’m so grateful to all the people who’ve been a part of putting the project together.  I’ll post pics real soon!

One thought to “Thanks Everyone!”

  1. It really was a great concert. I was moved by a couple of songs, particularly Heart of Faith. I can imagine many other people present were also moved by that song as well as others. The evening was a much need blessing and a refocusing of my life so that I to can live a life that reveals …

    And if I had to give an assessment of the concert, I would say at times it beat the album, partly because it was live, and partly because it was a little harder.

    God Bless

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