After nearly 20 years in Ottawa we are moving to Winnipeg.  With great excitement and gratitude to the Lord I have accepted the position of Director of Worship Ministries at Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’ll be leading a team of highly dedicated, talented and experienced staff and volunteers. I look  forward to and embrace this challenge and I know we’ll have a lot of fun together as a team.

Pearl and I both sense that this is the right place for us and for our family. As we reflect on the past year, we really sense that God has led us to this place.  Our family will be making the move to Winnipeg this August.

Thank you to all of my friends in Ottawa.  Your love, encouragement and support, especially during this time of transition, have meant everything to me.  Thank you to my boys, Pierce, Gideon and Preston – who have been praying for a new job for me and a church for us to call home.  I would especially like to thank Pearl who has been my biggest encouragement through the years.  She has supported me through a transition from my engineering career into ministry, and now a transition from our home in Ottawa, to a new adventure in Winnipeg.

Thank you in advance for continuing to pray for me and my family as we begin a new chapter in our lives.


5 Thoughts to “A New Challenge”

  1. thanks Geoff for your service over the years,
    your willingness to pour into the body of Christ ….
    I pray this new pasture will be clean, safe, fruit bearing
    with many moments for you to be still beside quiet waters …….

    abundant blessings


  2. May Jesus walk in front of you, to guide you;
    May He walk beside you, to be your friend;
    May He walk behind you, to encourage you;
    May He be above you, to watch over you;
    May He be inside you, to give you Peace.

    Congratulations on your decision!
    God Bless,

  3. A prairie girl at heart, born and raised near Winnipeg, I think this is a perfect match for you! Grant Memorial has long been a beacon in the Winnipeg area. Your talents (both of you!!) will be treasured there as much as they have been here. God’s blessing as you make this leap of faith — they really are friendly folks out there 🙂

  4. Dear Geoff and Pearl,
    Exciting news indeed! We will surely miss your family. Everytime I listen to Alex play his guitar or play in the worship team, I am reminded of and am thankful to the Lord for your influence in his ministry. We will think of you and pray for you often. May He be glorified through your ministry, your music and all that you do.
    Love and blessings from the Kwok family

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