A well intentioned parishioner has destroyed a 100 year old fresco of Jesus while attempting to restore it.  The results were disastrous and the original is likely destroyed forever.

What are the possible lessons for us to learn from this?  The first thing that came to my mind  was that this is what we’ve done by replacing traditional worship music with adult contemporary, soft-rock pop worship!   One lesson we can learn for certain is that church leaders need to pay attention to what their volunteers are up to.  Perhaps the lesson is that it is only a painting and we shouldn’t be so upset about a material thing.

Or perhaps the Lord looks upon the heart of this well-intentioned old woman is and is more pleased with her clumsy attempt than with all the sophisticated art connaisseurs who wouldn’t lift a finger to serve the church.  Maybe this is a modern day parable – call it the “widow’s blight”.