I just upgraded to Logic Pro X. It is my go-to DAW(Digital Audio Workstation).  I’m still amazed at all the functionality you can get for just $199 at the App Store.  I use it just for songwriting and for making demo recordings.  I suppose if I were choosing a DAW for professional music production I’d go with Pro Tools, but for my needs, Logic is the best choice.

One new feature that blows me away on Logic Pro X is the new virtual drummer module. Logic comes with a stable of 16 different drummers.  You choose one that fits the genre of your song.  Find a pre-set that and then begin tailoring the “loudness” and “complexity” of their playing to your arrangement.  You can even ask the virtual drummer to follow another track, such as the bass.  I can’t get some real drummers to follow the bass player!  As someone who doesn’t play drums or have the skill to program drums, this module alone is worth the price of the whole package.