I’m reading the Bible almost exclusively on my phone these days.  For the past decade or so I’ve read the through the entire Bible every year.  I’ve worn out two copies of the NIV One Year Bible and I also read the Message in one year a couple of times.  But now I use YouVersion.  I’ve selected a different reading plan every the past three years and it has been really effective for me.  Its been easier to keep up to date with my plan, as I have my phone almost everywhere I go.  I wouldn’t always carry my bible with me (for shame!).  So definitely get the app and use it to keep up with your daily Bible intake.

I still get out my old leather bound Bible from time to time.  It’s good to do whatever you can to keep things fresh, and I find I prefer the real thing for more indepth study.  But the more avenues you have to get scripture into your soul, the better.