We’ve all had bad rehearsals.  We get to the end of them and we’re tired, frustrated and don’t feel prepared for Sunday.  And we’ve all had great rehearsals, too.  They’re fun and satisfying.  It’s feels good to hear the music come together.  You leave a rehearsal like that and you can’t wait for Sunday!

So what makes a great rehearsal?  They don’t just happen.  Producing a great rehearsal begins long before the musicians arrive.  You have to plan for great rehearsals.  Here are 5 essential components of great rehearsal prep.

  1. Communicate Expectations:  We all want rehearsal to start on time.  Let your tech team and musicians know what time you expect them to be set up and ready, so that they can arrive early enough.  Let your team know how much prep they need to do before hand.
  2. Communicate The Plan:  Send out music and arrangement notes well before the rehearsal so your musicians know what to prep for.  If there are going to be any special tech requirements, make your the tech team knows in advance.  Rehearsals go much better when everyone is prepared.
  3. Create a Rehearsal Plan: Don’t wait until the rehearsal to figure out your arrangement of a song.  Know before hand.  If you really aren’t sure and want to experiment with the musicians, then allow ample time for that.  Look at all the things you need to rehearse and how long you think each one will will take.  And Don’t forget about rehearsing transitions between songs.  Make sure you can get it all done in the time you’ve allotted for the rehearsal.
  4. Plan a Devotional:  It is essential that as worship leaders we centre our hearts on Jesus when we begin our rehearsal.  Take the time prepare a short meditation or to find something to read or a video to show.  There is no shortage of resources out there that can help us get into a worshipful attitude as we start our rehearsal.
  5. Pray for your Team: When we pray for people, God draws our hearts closer to them.  Praying for your team builds unity and will prepare your heart to worship with them.  Take some of your rehearsal prep time and use it to pray for your team.

These 5 things will help you create great rehearsals. Next week I’ll post on what it takes to lead a great rehearsal.