Part of being created in God’s image is that were carry desire to create. As a musician I need to feed that inner creator. This is accomplished in many ways by preparing for Sunday morning service – choosing, arranging, rehearsing and performing the songs for a set of sung worship is a very creative thing. However it is different than creating music for the sake of music. As musicians we need to make sure we take the time simply to play for the sake of playing, rather than always using music to accomplish some other goal, such as to facilitate corporate worship, as noble as that is.

I’m blessed to be doing something very creative this week. I’m recording my songs to be released on a CD later this year. Coming together with the producer and the studio musicians is exhilarating and exhausting. What surprised me the most is how much fun it is! I haven’t had so much pure musical fun in quite a while. It is enervating. It is so stimulating to be working with these guys. I’ve learned a lot as about arranging, groove and sound. It’s been great.

So whatever it is you do to be creative, make sure you take the time to play at it! You’ll be refreshed and you’ll grow as an artist.