One of the habits I have in my personal spiritual formation is using prayer books. I grew up in a “low church” setting so all prayer (except for the occasional recitation of the Lord’s Prayer) was extemporaneous. Anyway, through my studies at the Webber Institute for Worship Studies I’ve been introduced to the tradition of praying the hours. I often use it as my morning quiet time. Instead of racking my brain for what I ought to pray I draw on scripture and the wisdom of the ancient and historical church to put prayers into my heart. The Divine Hours is a great website that lays out a 10 minute prayer service for you. Try it out. I think you’ll benefit from it as I have.
God be with you!

2 Thoughts to “Praying the Hours”

  1. Hey, speaking of Webber, his Book of Daily Prayer based on the church calendar is great. I’ve been using it this year and really grown through it.

  2. Hey speaking of Webber, his book entitled, The Book of Daily Prayer, is also a great resource. It is along the same lines and follows the church calendar. I’ve grown a lot through it.

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