I’m waiting in the Detroit Airport for the my connecting flight to Jacksonville. I’m off to IWS for my final course in the masters program there. Here are my random thoughts as I travel:

  • The woman I sat next to on the flight from Syracuse to Detroit apologized profusely for the aroma of her Doritos. I couldn’t smell Doritos. But it was nice that she apologized anyway…
  • The Detroit Airport does not have any of those white and red ball caps that the Red Wings wore after they clinched the Cup in Game 6. I was willing to part with up to $30 for one of those caps. I bet if the Tigers won the series the place would be swimming in world series ball caps
  • It’s been an hour here now and I’ve memorized the “Due to heightened security…” announcement that comes over the PA every 3 minutes.
  • I’ll be take a course entitled “Worship in a Transcultural World”. I expect that I’ll learn a lot, since I don’t know anything at all about Transcultural worship. My own thoughts on the subject can be summed up by “It doesn’t work” – too simple perhaps… but any time I’ve been in say a bilingual service it’s been really difficult to get beyond the stilted translations and truly engage in worship. Perhaps “It doesn’t work” is too harsh. “It’s really hard to make it work” might be more true. In any case it will be interesting to explore the role of culture in worship and the effect of globalization on Christianity.
  • There’s a bird flying around the terminal – I should be able to think of something profound to say about that… but nothing is coming to me.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll post more thoughts throughout the week until the final day when I shall pronounce a definitive summary statement upon the subject of Worship in a Transcultural World.

Or not.

3 Thoughts to “Off To Worship School”

  1. Bro,
    We totally would have come to hang with you in the airport if we knew you were passing through…
    I even would have played hooky for you…
    J and R

  2. Yo, I wasn’t supposed to have that much time in the airport so I didn’t bother calling… but I’ll be in Detroit on the way back for 45 minutes for my connection on wednesday. How about I just wave at you as I fly over windsor?

  3. Depending on the time of day you fly by, you may have to wave more in the general Belle River direction!
    BTW, I had your single playing for my students and now they all think my brother is a rock star…

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