Christopher Hitchens is my favorite atheist.  He’s brilliant and his sense of humour is wicked (pun intended).  I listen to him regularly on Hugh Hewitt’s podcast and have read his most recent book “God is not Great”.  I think it is important to be familiar with what those opposed to the faith are thinking so that’s why I keep up with Hitchens.  Much of his objections to what he observes in people of faith are valid.  I’ve learned a lot from Hitchens, and I think my faith is stronger for it (much to his chagrin, I’m sure).

In any case, he has an article registering his protest against Obama asking Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration.  Here’s my favorite part:

… one wishes them all the best of luck in their energetic fundraising and their happy-clappy Sunday “Churchianity” mega-feel-good fiestas.”

I wonder if the services I’ve led look like this to outsiders.  Certainly Hitchnes views the world of faith with a jaundiced eye, but if I’m honest I must admit that sometimes our worship looks more like his description than something that proclaims the story of God and draws us more deeply into our roles with His story.