I’m back to work after a few weeks away.  It is really energizing to step back into worship leading after a break.  Sabbath is so important to the rhythm of our lives.  It’s essential for ministry and for life that we keep the rhythm of work and rest.  Last night at my rehearsal with the band I was just so energized to be “back in the saddle” again.  Even when you’re doing what you love it can become a grind without any sabbath breaks.

Another interesting thing happened at rehearsal that got me thinking along these lines.  We hooked up the metronome to our in-ear monitors as we worked through a song with a couple of different grooves.  It was pretty depressing to see how tough it was for us to keep time!  That stubborn metronome just won’t speed up with the rest of us!  Most of us tend to rush.. in music and in life.  But we have a rhythm that God has given us in Genesis one of work for six days and and then rest.  If we don’t keep good time… a train wreck is just around the corner.

So get out there and get some sabbath rest.