A couple of years ago I was interested in improving some of my technical skills.  I took an online course from the Berklee College of Music on Desktop Music Publishing.  The course was great.  I learned a lot.  But it was expensive.

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to improve my skills so I started searching youtube for free tutorial videos.  There is lots of good stuff, but you have spend a lot of time sifting through some pretty dodgy things as well.

Eventually I decided to subscribe to macprovideo.com.  And it’s been great.  There are hundreds of courses on every major music production software, taught by industry pros.  And I have full access to the online catalog of courses for a full year for $200, instead of over $1200 for just one course from Berklee.  For someone like me who just wants to learn specific things at my own pace, macprovideo is a much better deal.  It lacks the instructor and class interaction that a formal online course offers, but when you weigh in the price differential, macprovideo.com is a much better deal.  And there are lots of other websites like it (such as lynda.com) that offer online training in whatever you need to figure out.

It has never been easier or cheaper to pump up those tech skills.