There has been lots of chatter about spontaneous baptisms over the last few months. Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church produced a riveting video of spontaneous baptisms.  Christianity Today has weighed in.

I lean toward giving people every opportunity to obey Jesus and be baptized.  I also think it is a good thing to provide people an opportunity to learn what baptism means, and to carefully plan the event so that friends and family can be there to celebrate with them.  I don’t think spontaneous invitations to be baptized undermine offering baptism classes.  After all, we offer Christianity Explored classes, as well as spontaneous invitations to become a Christian.

One of the objections to spontaneous baptisms is that someone without genuine faith will decide to get baptized based on emotion or to just follow the crowd.  As long as the meaning of baptism is clearly explained I don’t worry about this.  To paraphrase a famous saying: Kill Baptize ’em all.  Let God sort ’em out.