After this tribute we had our Spiritual Formation Coordinator, Susan Moore, pray for mothers.  Here’s her prayer:

Let’s pray together for mothers:   Father,  in this congregation I’m sure we have a wide range of experiences connected to our mothers.  For those of us who had or have great moms, we give you thanks.  For their nurture and spiritual guidance and example of sacrificial love, we give you thanks.  For wonderful memories and fun times spent with our mothers, we give you thanks.  For some of us our mothers are not thriving as they face the many challenges of old age.  We lift them up to you, Father.  Draw them to yourself, that they might experience the comfort of your presence as the limitations and the loneliness of old age set in.  For any who don’t know you, may we be faithful to show your love to them and to pray for them daily in anticipation of the day when their eyes will be opened and they  join us in the family of God. 

We pray for mothers whose children are far away – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Please touch them and give them hope and faithfulness in prayer for their children.  Help them to know that they are not alone, for you are the great comforter who can fill our empty places with love, gratitude and meaning.

We give thanks for those children who are here today in church solely to please a mom they love.  We pray that when life’s challenges and disappointments come, they might once again find comfort and hope in the faith they were raised with.  Draw them – and us – to our spiritual home and resting place in you.

I pray for all the mothers in this room,  that we might be growing in Christ, maturing in the faith that will empower us to love well. Help us to speak well of You, to influence our children to walk in your ways.  May we be mentors and guides to those who follow us, whether  we are talking about the kids we physically gave birth to, or the spiritual children who look to those of us who are walking on ahead on the journey of faith.

We pray for the new moms in our congregation – and we have many of them – who are adapting to this awesome responsibility of raising a child and who are learning how to give selflessly to their children.  Help them to enjoy this time, the dependence that sometimes feels overwhelming, but soon enough will be over as their children grow up and leave the nest.

For some, mother’s day is a painful thing.  We lift up those who have long wanted to be mothers, but have been unable to.  Comfort and encourage them on this difficult day. Some here have trouble being thankful for the mothers they had and in fact are still recovering from hurts and wounds and can’t imagine the day when they will be able to thank God and take initiative into their mother’s life again.  But we pray for that Father, for forgiveness and grace to flow from child to mother and mother to child.  We pray for healing of fractured relationships and disappointing realities.  Our human relationships are wonderful and painful both.  When they are wonderful, we praise you.  When they are painful, they propel us to you.  Our hope is in you Lord.  Your Word reminds us that you are gentle with us and comfort us as a mother comforts her child.  You shelter us with your feathers and under your wings we find refuge.  You have written our names on the palms of your hands.  We love you and grateful  for all you have done for us.