I started writing a book a few years ago. It contained everything I’d learned about leading a church music ministry. I had about 10 chapters completed when I realized that there was a major problem with the book. It was boring.

My friends, you can be a lot of things as a writer, but you cannot be boring. So I abandoned the project. In the meantime, a story began to brew in my heart. It was pure fiction, but it contained all of the deepest truth’s that my “how-to” book wasn’t able to express. So I wrote the story. And I realized it wasn’t just my story, but it is the story of everyone who has ever had their heart broken by a church. 

When I first entered ministry, I thought the church was a group of people who wanted to help me be successful. I was soon disabused of that notion. On my worst days, I thought of the church as a collection of broken people who came together so they could sin against God and each other. On my better days, I didn’t worry about what defined a church and just tried to be faithful. Mountaintop is a story about a young idealistic pastor trying to learn what it means to be faithful in the midst of the chaos we call church.

If you’re the least bit intrigued, here’s the first chapter…


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